We are passionate about transformation. We believe in a world where everyone lives to their potential and is able to share their gifts with their organization and the wider society.

We bring this passion to our work.

We have years of experience in making a difference. Our expertise in building true collaborations based on mutual respect, can unleash creative innovation that leads to unexpected positive results.

Ishbel Munro has decades of experience designing and delivering experiential workshops, seminars and conferences to a wide range of target audiences and topics.

Ishbel is a Certified Mediator from Henson College, Dalhousie University and also an internationally Accredited Trainer and couch in the Dialogue for Peaceful Change methodology of conflict resolution.

Her work includes designing Rural Policy Forums that brought together all levels of government with community people and resulted in positive changes. She was Program Director at the Tatamagouche Centre and oversaw the development of 60 programs per year.

Stephen Law has over 25 years of experience working across Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia supporting peaceful resolutions to conflict and and supporting alternative and creative approaches to community development.

A specialist in facilitation, training, conflict mediation and communications, Stephen is a certified coach and mediator with Dialogue for Peaceful Change (DPC). He works in Communications and Outreach for the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia and initiated the Welcome Ambassador Training program aimed at increasing the welcoming capacity, inclusion and diversity efforts of communities. Stephen is also an author of two novels and lives on an organic farm in Kennetcook. 

Bridging the Gap founder, Ishbel Munro, spent years leading non-profits that have made significant changes in the world. Her ability to bridge sectors and cultures, led to powerful alliances. 

One example is her work with Coastal Communities Network. Through collaborative practices, the organization became a "Large Voice for Small Communities." It included fishermen, Municipal Councilors, Community Development groups, women's groups, environmentalists, First Nations, African Nova Scotians, education institutions, tourism and more.

When a need was seen, such as media relations for fishermen, Ishbel organized in-depth workshops where people practiced TV and radio interviews.

A partnership with Dalhousie was developed and a five year project called, "Rural Communities Impacting Policies" was created. Over 1,800 rural citizens were trained in how to change policies. And change they did!  

Ishbel has a wealth of experience of working with First Nations

and building bridges between First Nations and other cultures. She gently but clearly, addresses power dynamics and helps people to shift their preconceived perceptions which come from their personal worldview.

We believes strongly in human potential. We have the ability to encourage personal growth and confidence. 


"I have been in facilitation and program development work for over 16 years, and Ishbel is one of the highest caliber facilitators I have worked with."  

                                                                                                            Camille Dumond, 

"The experiences transformed my life and the way that I do my work."                                                                                              Amanda Reddick

“In addition to a well laid out agenda with strong facilitation and obviously strong models and manual, I felt the goals were actually lived by the facilitators through the program and the relationships of all throughout the week.”                                                                                                                                                 2013 DPC participant

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Bridging The Gap

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