Bridging the gap from where you are – to where you want to be!

Facilitation support

Having a neutral facilitator can ease the flow of a meeting or conference, while enlivening it with creative approaches. We will work with you to ensure your objectives are met by designing an agenda and activities geared to maximize results.  And to have fun as well!

Leadership Training

We start with an assessment of your training needs. Training is then designed to reach your goals.

Training includes Leadership Skills, Team Building, Being Truly Inclusive and Respecting Diversity, Difficult Conversation, Improving Communications, Dealing with Stress, Strategic Planning, Conflict Resolution,  Working Collaboratively and more.


Our method of mediation provides an opportunity for transformation. Most mediation is about compromise or negotiated settlements. Our process, which is internationally recognized, is about shared solutions that aid each party. It is about new understanding and a shift in attitudes

Organizational Development

We work with you to clarify your vision for the future and the steps you need to take to get there. This includes Board Development; clarifying your values and guiding principles; creating dynamic work plans; re-energizing staff, volunteers, and boards; creating truly collaborative and creative environments   

Working with First Nations

We each have our own perceptions of the world.  Effective diversity training needs to open your eyes to other worldviews.  This workshop is lead by a Mi'Kmaw and a white women. It includes Native protocol, breaking myths, exclusion, intergenerational trauma, power and privilege and building respectful partnerships.

Strategic Planning

Brings clarity to where you want to be and identifies the steps needed to get there. It sounds simple and yet, without a clearly named vision, you will flounder.

Our experts lead your group through an interactive and fun process. Creating a shared vision builds excitement and buy-in. It highlights the changes you as an organization need to make and provides a clear path for getting where you want to be.  

Bridging The Gap

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